50% off | 10 Meals Per Week

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  • JRaeS Chicken

    Grilled or oven-baked, this lean poultry (with high nutritional value) pairs well with any hardy side. We cooked to perfection to create a juicy and tender sensation; this meal will have you hungry for more.

  • JRaeS Salmon

    We prepare this dish with great effort to keep its flavorful natural taste. Salmon is rich in a protective antioxidant and is best known for its Omega-3 fatty acid. 

  • JRaeS Shrimp

    Try SmithMeals’ Shrimp Meal. This delicate delight is seasoned to perfection; feeling a little zesty, we’ll add a little spice!

  • JRaeS Steak

    Beef is a rich source of high-quality protein and various vitamins and minerals. As such, it can be an excellent component of a healthy diet; Paired with Red Wine will enhance its flavor greatly.

  • JRaeS Vegan Protein